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The sorry story continues for Parveen & Jasvir Academy as they go down yet again to NK Academy by 4 points | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021



Day 3 of the SUPER 6 stage and the 2nd match of the day was a must-win game for Parveen & Jasvir Academy. With two close losses already, they were looking to avoid a third one to keep their dreams of qualifying for the knockouts alive. For NK Academy, this would have been business as usual as they would have looked to complete their hat-trick of wins to move one step closer to the next round.


Interestingly both the games between the two teams in the pool stage were close affairs, with one draw and a two-point win by NKA. And the third one on the cards looked like could go the same way as well. NK started with four defenders, two raiders, and one all-rounder in their starting 7. PJA decided to go with four defenders, two raiders, and one all-rounder. PJA won the toss and chose the court, with NKA raiding out first.


Umesh was the first raider out for NKA and started with an empty raid. Himanshu Virender started for PJA with an empty raid. Both teams begin conservatively. Vinay came in for the game's first D.O.D raid, but sadly he was tackled down by the PJA's defense. NKA replied with their tackle point by Rohit, who then scored a touchpoint as NKA took a one-point lead.


Vinay scored his first touchpoint as NKA lead by 2 points. But Vinay Rajesh from PJA took out Rohit once again, as he did his best to stop the opposition from extending their lead. Ashu came in for his D.O.D raid but went back without a touchpoint. The teams were tied 5-5 at the midpoint of the first half.


Both teams started playing out on D.O.D raids and finally, Umesh scored the first super raid for the match as he wriggled past three defenders. Sagar Malik went in for as just two players were left for PJA as he was able to score a touchpoint save his team from an all-out.


Vinay Virender tried to wriggle out of the center during his next raid, but Himanshu Lather, Sagar Malik executed a perfect super tackle to stop him. NKA's lead was cut short to just 1 point. Rohit was having a Great first half. He scored a point first in the defense and then scored a touchpoint with the game's first all-out was soon inflicted on PJA to give NKA a 7 point lead. But Sagar and Himanshu scored consecutive points as the half ended with NKA still leading by 5 points.


2nd half started with a failed raid by Sagar as NKA took the first point of the half. NKA also started with a failed raid of their own but Vinay scored in his next as NKA led by 20 - 14 points. Himanshu was having a tough time, as he was being taken out from the mat regularly by the NKA defense, whereas Vinay was scoring smart points.


NKA took the first time-out to take a breather as they lead by 5 points as PJA had just five players left on the mat. NKA defensive unit was in the groove as all their defender had at least one tackle point to their name.

Vinay in action


Rohit came in for the D.O.D raid but got out by Himanshu Lather's perfectly timed tackled, as Himanshu Virender was revived again. Himanshu finally was able to capitalize as he scored a multi-point raid as the lead was cut down to 4 points. But it was not the second time lucky for him as Manish held on to get him out of the mat again. Sagar Malik took some revenge with his raid point as he took out Manish Angrej.


NKA still lead by 6 points with just under 7 mins left. PJA made an attacking substitution as they bought another raider but Vinay scored a multi-point raid to sees his team leads getting extended. But an error in judgment by Rohit Raghav, Vijay Kumar gifted two-point back to Sagar.


Vinay again scored a touchpoint but had a slight injury as the game had to stop for the treatment. Timeout was taken by PJA, as they were still behind by 5 points with just under 2 mins left. Vinay was playing it slowly, to use the full 30 secs of the raid to eat up some valuable time of the game. NKA won by 4 points margin with a scoreline of NKA 31 - 27 PJA.


NKA, pulls off yet another win and stays on top to move closer to the knockouts. For PJA, the sorry story continues with their 3rd loss in three games, the knockout phase, looking a step too far from them now.



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