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Anup Kumar takes part in the #TakeChallengeGive100 challenge

Former Indian Kabaddi team Captain, Anup Kumar, recently took part in the #TakeChallengeGive100 challenge to raise money for migrant workers and struggling families amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Anup performed 15 pushups in 10 seconds to show his support for the challenge.

Started by the Indian women's Hockey team, the #TakeChallengeGive100 is an 18-day fitness challenge. The aim is to raise money for 1000 poor and migrant families who have been affected by the lockdown in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The women's Hockey team members have come up with various fitness tasks and have been nominating their teammates and other sports persons to take up the challenge.


Anup Kumar urged everyone to take up the challenge and contribute to the good cause of helping the poor. He further nominated his former Kabaddi teammates Mohit Chillar, Ajay Thakur, Joginder Narwal and Rakesh Kumar to take up the challenge.

India, along with the whole world has been fighting against the coronavirus for a few months now. The country has been under lockdown and the number of positive cases is rising every day. Athletes from various sports have come forward and shown their support to help those in need. Various Kabaddi players have also been helping the poor and those affected in their areas, while some have donated money to various charities that are working towards helping the migrant workers and poor.