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Ghar Se Panga: Priyanka Negi shares her patrolling experience in Bilaspur

Indian women's Kabaddi team member Priyanka Negi has been patrolling the streets of Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh amid the lockdown in the country due to COVID-19 pandemic. Negi is a part of the Himachal Pradesh Police and was on duty in the city. Stationed at the same 'thana' as Ajay Thakur, Negi shared her experiences of patrolling around the city and ensuring that the people stay inside their homes in the lockdown.

Negi, who works as an Inspector in the HP police, said, "Even after the lockdown was announced, people were coming out of their homes and roaming around in the city. During our duty, we used to patrol different areas and urge people to stay inside their homes. Every police station has a designated area specified to them and the members of the station used to go on regular rounds to ensure that the people are sent back home."

Negi, Priyanka
Prianka Negi on duty in Bilaspur in 2018

She added that they have been making sure that whoever is leaving their homes to buy essentials is wearing a mask and following proper discipline while at stores. Negi said that as officers, they have also been taking care of themselves and making sure that they carry a sanitizer and wear masks whenever they are out patrolling the streets.

Unfortunately, Negi had to return to her hometown, Sirmaur, after he was diagnosed with typhoid. She said that she has been advised by the doctor to take complete rest and take leave from her job. She is recovering from the fever and would join back the duty soon. Just a month back, Negi was leading the Himachal Pradesh women's Kabaddi team at the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championships. The team finished as the runner-ups. 

Priyanka Negi accepting the runner-ups trophy at the Senior Nationals 2020
Priyanka Negi accepting the runner-ups trophy at the Senior Nationals 2020

Priyanka joined as a sub-inspector in the department and was promoted to the position of Inspector in the year 2017. She was part of the Indian women's Kabaddi team which won the 2017 Asian Championships in Iran, a win that led to her promotion.