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“Another day another Win” Amit Ashok Academy secures a routine win over Narwal Sports & Kabaddi Academy- | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Ashu in action

DAY 2 Game 2 of POOL B saw high-flying Amit Ashok Academy with two wins on the trot take on Narwal Kabaddi & Sports Academy, who were hammered last night by Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation. They were looking to bounce back on track with a win Against AAA.


AAA started with two raiders Ashu and Ankit plus five defenders whereas NKSA started with 2 raiders with Manish Gulia their lead raider, 4 defenders plus one all-rounder. NKSA won the toss and chose to defend first. Ashu started off the proceedings of the match with an empty raid followed by his counterpart Ankit NKSA who also put out an empty raid. Ashu scored the first point with hand touch and Manish Gullia was taken down next as they built a lead of 3 points. Manish Gulia got injured in the process and he was to be substituted out early in the match.


NKSA scored their first point with a mistake by Ronak in defense by trying an advanced tackle he repeated his mistake again as the first time out was taken by the AAA as the scoreline was in their favor with NKSA 3 - 5 AAA. Unlike the first two games, the defense of AAA looked unorganized as they again gifted a point to NSKA which help them cut down the deficit by 1. 


By the mid-point of the half, the defense of AAA got reorganized as Mohit inflicted their first all-out and built a 10 point lead with NKSA had a catching up to do now. NKSA soon had a chance of their own to manage an all-out against AAA but a super tackle on Praveen prevented it from happening as the half ended with AAA still leading by 11 points with 5 men still on the court for them.


Nitin Kumar was taking the role of the lead raider for NKSA as he was the only one who was able to score some points of AAA with 2nd half starting they were hoping to cut down on silly mistakes in their defense and Praveen hoping to open his account but was taken down again in his first raid of the 2nd half.


Ankit from AAA went for his D.O.D raid but failed as he was dashed out by NKSA combined defense. Mohit was in top form as he was leading his team in tackle points as he scored another tackle point which was his 6th so far of the match. 

Defense on top of their game

AAA was playing it smart as they were managing the game beautifully and increased their lead to 12 points with less than 15 mins to go. Something had to change for NKSA as they sent in Gurmeet but he was also dashed out by Akshay with Nitin still the only raider who had scored points against AAA so far in this match. 


Ashu scored another raid point as Monu was left as the lone man from NKSA to raid next as he was taken out to concede another all-out with AAA extending their lead by 16 points with less than 10 mins left. Manish Gullia finally came back on the court to turn the tide but couldn't do much as he was tackled out back to back. Nitin was the lone warrior as he was taking points whenever possible. Manish finally took a point for his team but the deficit was still 17 points with less than 3 mins it was a little too late as the match ended with AAA 41-28 NKSA.


AAA pull of another routine win as their defense once again came back to close their opponents down with Mohit their star defender of this match and will hope to continue his form against the bottom team Narwal Golden Club. For NKSA Nitin was the lone warrior and others would have to step up soon if they wish to qualify in the next round soon with Warriors Arena Academy next.


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