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Warriors Arena Academy thrash helpless Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation by 21 points | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Pawan in action


The second game of the day was Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation Take on Warriors Arena Academy, both teams just sitting 2 points away from each other at the table. DNHF got an easy win last time out against the bottom-placed Narwal Golden club, whereas WAA would be heartbroken with their loss against Narwal Sports & Kabaddi Academy and would hope to go back to winning ways.

DNHF won the toss and chose the court. They started with three raiders, four defenders in their starting lineup. WAA started with three all-rounders, three defenders, one raider.

Ajay started the first raid and scored a single point followed by a superb tackle to give an early lead of two points to WAA. Mohit scored the first point of the game for DNHF as he took out Ajay. Vijay scored a point followed by Hardeep Ranbir struck out the big man Aakash. Karambir multi-point raid as both teams was in deadlock at 5 - 5.

Sahil Kumar went for his D.O.D raid but he was dashed out by Anish with super speed. As finally, WAA took a lead of 3 points in the match. DNHF had just Vijay left on the court as all-out loomed for Them. Vijay scored a point to save his team from all-out and bring Prateek Hooda back on the mat. But they were all-out as WAA extended their lead by 7 points with little over 8 mins left of the half.

Prateek Hooda took out Ajay in his D.O.D Raid to cut some deficit for DNHF. The next few mins saw both teams back off each other as they started playing a patient game with 4 mins left on the clock. A time-out was taken by the DNHF coach, to hand out new instructions to his players for the rest of the half. Ajay failed in his D.O.D raid with the WAA lead was cut short to 5 points with their four players left on the court for them. The last min saw WAA steady their ship as the half ended with WAA 18 - DNHF 10.


Vijay Started the 2nd half proceedings with an empty raid as he did not want to give away a point and reduce his team to just three players. Vijay Scored a touchpoint on his next raid as the first point of this half was scored by DNHF. 



The match had to be halted due to a technical glitch, but soon the play resumed with DNHF foundation facing an all-out situation as Anish scored a point but was taken down in his next raid as they survived the first all-out situation. But Anish was bought back to the court. Soon Prateek Hooda was tackled as WAA extended their lead by 14 points with 8 mins to go.


Vijay was trying hard to score some points for DNHF to stage a comeback, but Pawan and Kramabir were doing the same for WAA. A time-out was taken by DNHF, with 4 mins left on the clock as still 16 points behind.Anish was doing a fantastic job both offensively and defensively, providing the cover in both sides of the areas for his team. The last 2 mins saw WAA hold on to their lead as they won by 22 points DNHF 18 - 40 WAA



The win for WAA saw them jump to 2nd place from 4th to sit just 5 points behind Amit Ashok Academy with their next game against Bottom Club Narwal Golden Club. For DNHF their inconsistent starts continue as they slip down to 3rd in the table.

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