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“Parteek out on top in the battle of star raiders” As DNH Foundation came back to win against NGC - | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

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DAY 2 Game 3 of POOL B came in as an opportunity for Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation to continue their winning streak. After their defeat against Amit Ashok Academy, they came back strongly in their 2nd game to win. A similar result here would push them to 2nd on the table.  
For Narwal Golden Club, they would be desperate here to register their first win today after two consecutive defeats. 

Both teams started with an identical formation with three raiders and four defenders. NGC won the toss and chose to take the side of the court. 

Parteek Dhaiya started the raid for DNHF with an empty raid. Himanshu started the first raid for NGC but a solo Tackle from Hardeep Ranbir took him out. Prateek soon scored a multi raid and scored a single point again to hand out a lead 7 point lead and soon forced an all-out under 5 mins in the game with a scoreline of NGC 0-9 DNH.

Himanshu returned to the mat to score his first point for his team. Finally, NGC opened its account for the game. As Himanshu got going for his team being the lone point-getter, with their defense lacking during the earlier stages of the game. At the midpoint of the half, the scoreline favored DNHF with a lead of 8 points.

Parteek from DNHF was soon taken out by Vishal, as their lead was cut short to 4 points with 7 mins left. Himanshu soon scored multi-points in his raid as he inflicted an all-out on DNHF with their lead cut short to just 1 point. Himanshu soon scored a super raid, the match was leveled at 22 each. The defense got in the act as well with Himanshu scoring points at regular interval. Soon the comeback was completed by NGC, all-out was conceded by DNHF again the half ended with DNHF 22-30 NGC.

Defense on top of their game


2nd half was started by Himanshu from where he left off as he scored the first point in the half. Sahil replied back with a multi-point raid for DNHF. But Himanshu took more players out for his team as DNHF was left with just two players on the mat and facing another all-out. Bharat took Parteek Dhaiya out of the game as another all-out was inflicted. NGC leading by 12 points with 15 min left.  

Himanshu was unstoppable as he scored 22 raid points which were half the points his team scored overall. Parteek Dhaiya was trying his best to keep DNHF in the game, Scoring 24 points for his team. NGC still leads by 6 points. Time out was taken with just one member left Rinku who was substituted in on the court for NGC with all-out on the cards for them.

Hardeep took him out in his next raid with a lead cut down to just 2 points.
Parteek Dhaiya and Himanshu were having a direct go at each other as it looked like an inner rivalry that needs to be stelled out there with both scoring points one after another. Vishal and Deepak were the defensive standouts for NGC whereas Parteek Hooda and Hardeep did the same for DNHF. 

The 35th min of the match saw a turnaround as Himanshu was tackled out with Parteek Dhaiya scoring in the next raid to give a single-point lead to DNHF. The 36th min saw Parteek forcing an all-out and DNHF extending the lead to 4 points with just under 3 mins left. Himanshu was back on the court and this was going to be a photo finish between Parteek and Himanshu. But Himanshu was taken out by his nemesis Parteek and DNHF further extend their lead to 8 points. The last 2 mins saw DNHF playing it out smartly as they hand on to win the game by DNHF 66 - 52 NGC.

DNHF Continued their winning run and took the 2nd spot on the table.
NGC blew a good chance to register their first win and saw them stay last, their defense soon needs to get their act together as Himanshu cannot win games on his own as a lone warrior.

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