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Heros of K7 Qualifiers || Parteek Dahiya

Today we are mapping the journey of the prolific raider from Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation Parteek Dahiya and how he fared at the K7 Qualifiers to maintain his team’s unbeaten streak


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Wanting to be like his uncle Deepak Niwas Hooda, Parteek Dahiya decided to start his journey in Kabaddi as a full time Kabaddi Player after watching the performances of Deepak in Pro Kabaddi League Season 3.
Based in Rohtak, Parteek was a bright child in academies but soon took the bold step of playing Kabaddi when Deepak Niwas Hooda persuaded him to play the sport full time. 

Starting his journey as a defender from right corner position, under the guidance of Deepak and his coach Jagmohan Narwal he started raiding from the the left and became the player he is currently. 

A veteran of many tournaments like Khelo India, Junior and Senior Nationals, Parteek represented Haryana and grabbed two golds to keep his contention in the sport. Being from a family which has a lineage of producing athletes, his discipline towards the sports comes from his sister who is boxing currently at the national level. Considering The K7 Qualifiers, it was one of the best tournaments he has ever played. Parteek was really appreciative of the medical facilities and punctuality that K7 had on offer. 

He proved to have a really aggressive start at the K7 Qualifiers scoring over 20 points in his debut game against Chhaju Ram Kabaddi Academy , he did shine like a superstar in the very first match. His run didn't stop here, he continued one golden performance with another performance with 20 points scored vs Kathura Stadium Kabaddi Academy giving a testimony to his abilities. His journey in the K7 was spotless. Over the course of three matches, he notched up 55 points for his team and that speaks for why and how DNH Foundation was so successful at the K7. 

Having had tremendous support from his father towards playing the game, he wishes to dedicate his game to him and win a gold in Asian Games and Olympics if Kabaddi goes there, and fulfil his father's dream.  His father lost his battle to Covid last month. With age and his father's wishes by his side, Prateek looks prepared for greatness and in all direction to make his name in the Kabaddi circuit as famous as his inspiration, idol and coach Deepak Niwas Hooda. 

Prateek Dahiya