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Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation rolls over Kathura Stadium | K7 Qualifiers Pool C

DNH Foundation notches a big win
DNH Foundation notches a big win


The DNH after the huge victory in the first match managed to continue showing their dominance in the K7 Qualifiers by literally stumping over Kathura Academy and winning the game with a point difference of almost 50 points. Prateek Dahiya started the game with a raid and then a combination of both strong defense and attack managed to catch a lot of points and not let the team of Kathura be in the game for a second. The first round saw a series of multi point raids and super tackles handed DNH a comfortable lead in the first round. 


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The second round started, overwhelming favorites being DNH as the score line read 28-12 and KS nowhere in the game. The DNH didn't loosen up for a second and continued there dominant hand in the game. They didn't allow the Kathura team to stay in the game. They scored almost 5 times less the point DNH managed to score in the round. The scoreline read 20-67, the point difference was more than 3 times between the two teams. Prateek Dahiya and Naveen again stared for the Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation and handed them two victories straight.