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The Story of Sumit from Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy || K7 Player Stories

Sumit- Raider from Chulkana, Panipat District represented Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy in the K7 qualifiers tournament. He was the key raider for his NG Kabaddi Academy. Read on to know about his journey and performance in K7 qualifiers.


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Sumit grew up in Chulkana in Panipat district. He aspires to raid like Pardeep Narwal one day. Sumit played in the K7 Qualifiers in Sonipat, Haryana. He represented Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy in the premier junior Kabaddi tournament.

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Sumit's Kabaddi Journey

Sumit started playing Kabaddi at the age of 13-14 after watching other kids in the village play the sport. Once Sumit started playing Kabaddi, he did not take much time to improve. Sumit's game evolved under the coaching of Rinku Pailwan in Chulkana. His ultimate goal is to play for the Indian kabaddi team but now he wants to keep performing well and get a job to help his family. His favorite Kabaddi player is Pardeep Narwal and he loves watching Pardeep play.

Sumit's K7 Qualifier Performance

Sumit played as the lead raider for Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy in the K7 Qualifiers. Sumit finished the tournament with 27 raid points in 3 matches. In the first match, he managed to score only 2 points but came back with two impactful performances for his team.

Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy faced off against NK Kabaddi Academy in match 8 of K7 Qualifiers. In that game, Sumit did not have a good game where he only went for 9 raids and finished with 2 raid points. NG Kabaddi Academy lost the game by a score difference of 12 points.

In the next match, Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy locked horns against Warriors Arena Kabaddi Academy. Sumit had a game to remember as he was at his very best. He kept consistently taking points to help Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy tie against Warriors Arena Kabaddi Academy in a closely fought encounter. Sumit scored a massive 15 raid points in 23 raids. He also scored 1 tackle point to score a massive 16 points in the match.

In the final encounter, Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy went up against Shahid Bhagat Singh Yuva Sports Club. This was the one game where Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy dominated completely with Sumit being their highest raid point scorer. Sumit scored 10 raid points in 12 raids in the match to help Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy win the game with scores of 53-31

All in all, Sumit had a great tournament although his team failed to qualify to the next round, K7 Stage Up. When asked to Sumit on his experience of K7 qualifiers he said:

It was a great tournament to be a part of, it is a great opportunity for young players like me to showcase my game to everyone.

We at Kabaddi Adda would like to wish Sumit the very best and hope to see him in action in the coming years.

Sumit in Action