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Hold your nerves tight, Narwal Gold Club edge Khokhar Academy | K7 Qualifiers Pool D

Narwal Golden Club edges out Khokhar Academy
Narwal Golden Club edges out Khokhar Academy

The 20th match of the K7 Qualifiers was between Khokhar Kabaddi Academy and Narwal Gold Club and it promised to be a nail biting thriller. The two teams had to really strive hard for scoring against each other, so much so that the total points tally for the first half could barely hit 30 points. It was the NGC who tackled Abhishek to score the first point of the match. It was the defenses that were heavy on the raiders and dominated the first half of the match completely. The score board was in favor of NGC with score line of KKA 14 and NGC 16 points. 


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After a thrilling first half, where no team could become an overwhelming favorites, and that managed to keep a thrill to the second half alive. The second half had different plans, even though NGC kept on building to their lead, it seemed that scoring became a lot easy. It was Vicky and Sansar who kept on scoring in successions and handing points to their team, and the defenses were taken care of by Ankit to hand Narwal Gold Club a sweet victory in their first match of the K7 Qualifiers. The scoreline at the end of the match read 30-35 and all of us know, how the NGC dominated the last half to catch that victory.