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The Story of Naveen from Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy || K7 Player Stories

Naveen, Left Corner defender from Butana Village in Sonipat was part of the K7 Qualifiers, Haryana. He was the lead defender for Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy. Read on to find out about his journey and performance in K7 qualifiers.


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Naveengrew up in Butana, a small village in Sonipat. He is a left corner defender and looks up to  Ravinder Pahal as his inspiration. He represented Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy in the K7 Qualifiers, Haryana. Naveen was the lead defender for his team. 

Naveen's Kabaddi Journey


Unlike most Kabaddi players, Naveen got into Kabaddi just 4 years ago. Naveen started his Kabaddi journey in his school where a lot of other kids used to play Kabaddi. His uncle, a wrestler used to practice wrestling at an academy in Sonipat, the same place where Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy is situated. He suggested Naveen enroll himself at Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy under the supervision of Coach Neer Gulia. Naveen started working hard on his game to become one of the top defenders in his age group. His ultimate dream is to represent the Indian Kabaddi team.

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K7 Qualifiers Journey

In the K7 Qualifiers Naveen had a good tournament for his team- Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy.  He finished as the 3rd best defender in the tournament with 17 tackle points in just 3 games. Unfortunately, Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy failed to make it to the K7 Stage-up as they were able to win only 1 out of their 3 matches.

Naveen was first seen in action when Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy (NG Kabaddi Academy) went up against NK Kabaddi Academy. He was the only defender that clicked for Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy as he finished the match with 6 tackle points to his name. Lack of support in the defense cost the game for NG Kabaddi Academy as they lost the match by a score difference of 12 points.

In their 2nd match, Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy faced off against Warriors Arena Kabaddi Academy. This match turned out to be one of the closest matches in the tournament and it also ended in a tie. Naveen once again finished the game as the best defender for NG Kabaddi Academy. Naveen scored 5 tackle points in the match. Match ended with scores of 38 apiece for both teams.

Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy went up against Shahid Bhagat Singh Yuva Sports Club in the 3rd and final game of the tournament. Naveen had a match to remember as he scored 8 tackle points in 14 tackle attempts as Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy won the game by a score difference of 18 points. This performance from Naveen gave Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy their first win in the tournament.

Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy failed to make it to the next round but Naveen had a great tournament where he showcased his talent as a top left corner.

When asked about the experience of playing K7 Qualifiers, he said

''It was a great privilage for me to participate in the K7 Qualifers Tournament, it is a very good platform for young players like me to come out and show the world my game and skills''.

We wish Naveen the best and hope to see more of him in the coming years.

Naveen in action K7 Qualifiers