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Everything You Need to Know About The K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021 | Bharat Ka Khel

The K7 Kabaddi Stage Up Tournament 2021 is set to begin from the 22nd of July at Future Fighters Kabaddi Academy, Gurugram. Read on to get more information on K7 Kabaddi Stage Up.

Mohit Goyat in action

K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

After the fiercely contested K7 qualifiers (a mere trailer), the first-ever professional tournament for under 21 players, back in March 2021 in Haryana. The best ten teams from the qualifiers will battle it out for the title of Champions of the K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021. There will be 59 exciting matches from the tournament to decide the winner of the K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021. 

The 10 teams have been grouped into two Pools, each consisting of 5 teams. The top three teams from both pools will qualify for the Super-6 stage. And the top four teams from Super-6 will make it to the Final two Days- Playoffs and The Final. 

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Pool Division of Teams K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021


  1. Khokhar Kabaddi Academy

  2. Bhaini School

  3. Praveen and Jasvir Kabaddi Academy

  4. NK Kabaddi Academy

  5. Chhaju Ram Kabaddi Academy



  1. Warriors Arena kabaddi Academy

  2. Narwal Golden Club

  3. Amit Ashok Kabaddi Academy

  4. Narwal Kabaddi and sports Academy

  5. Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation   

Most Exciting Players to watch out for!!

* Meetu- Bhaini School
* Jaideep- Bhaini School
* Mohit Goyat- Bhaini School
* Ashu Malik- AAA Kabaddi Academy
* Mandeep- Khokhar Kabaddi Academy
* Parteek Dhaiya- DNH Foundation
* Mohit Jaipal- Parveen and Jasvir Kabaddi Academy
* Umesh- NK Kabaddi Academy
* Manish - NK Kabaddi Academy
* Surender Gadhwal- Chhajuram Kabaddi Academy
* Sushil OM- Chhajuram Kabaddi Academy
* Rohit Kumar- DNH Foundation
Karambir- Warriors Arena Kabaddi Academy


The first round of the tournament will consist of 5 teams from each pool, playing in a Double round-robin format, and the top 3 teams of each pool will head to the Super-6 phase of the tournament. 

Super-6 will take place with single round-robin games where the top 4 teams will move on to the play-offs to seal their spot into the finals of the K7 Kabaddi Stage Up Tournament. 



Click here to view the schedule of the K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021 

The tournament aims to bring forward "the fastest, most fearless brand of Kabaddi” from some of the top-notch junior raiders and defenders to provide them with a platform to hone and showcase their skills to the Kabbadi loving audience in the country. 

With 10 teams participating and consisting of over 140+ players & coaches from 50+ villages and towns across Haryana. The tournament is set to take place at Future Fighters Kabaddi Academy, Gurugram, where 59 Kabaddi matches will be played over an 18-days event to fight it out for the prestigious title of the first-ever K7 Stage Up champions. 

The tournament will start on the 22nd of July and will end on the 8th of August. This time the weight category for the event has been increased to under 80 kgs as opposed to under 75 kgs, which was the weight category for the qualifiers event. The Age category remains the same- 21 years and below. Each academy team will have a squad size of 12 players + 2 officials that would be accompanying them.

The matches will be broadcasted live on the Fan Code APP for free. 
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