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Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation wins with almost double the points | K7 qualifiers Pool C

DNH Foundation dominant
DNH Foundation dominant

Match 14, Day 3 was a show of dominance for DNH Foundation (DNH). In the first raid for DNH, Prateek Dahiya scored a point and handed them the lead. Since then Chhaju Ram Kabaddi Academy (CRKA) couldn't manage to come up in the match, the first point of the match for CRKA was scored after they snugged in a bonus point, but couldn't complete the raid. The points flowed for DNH and the round 1 ended after a no match performance, with the scoreline reading 33-10 in favor of Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation. Ankush Ashok and Prateek Dahiya had put up a good show, and the game was pretty much set for DNH.

A few multi point raids and valiant efforts were taken by CRKA but the first round was so well placed by DNH because of which CRKA could never come up to a winning situation. A score board reading 53-28, just 3 points shy from a double the difference victory. Rightfully, for the performance on both the halves, Prateek Dahiya was adjudged the Player of the Match as well as all the Raider awards and Ankush Ashok winning the Defender of the Match.