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It's done and dusted, Neer Gulia have their hopes alive! | K7 Qualifiers Pool B

Neer Gulia Academy


The second day of K7 Qualifiers ended with a match between two teams, who were yet to secure there first win locked horns and what was expected to be a thriller engaged to be a one sided affair. The SBSY and NGKA started there match in a rather unusual manner where the very first raid saw both the defender and the raider being out and yielding a point for both the teams. But then what we saw was an all in performance from NGKA. The team who gathered some momentum with a draw in the previous match continued on it and with continuous good performances on all departments, they managed to capture the first half. Scoring continuously, they kept on building the lead and ended the round with over 30 points in their kitty, what wasn't the total number of points scored in the first half of the previous match. The score line of 34-19 described the condition that the SBSY had to suffer from in the first round, but nevertheless, the show was clinical. 

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If first half was dominance, second half was stamping of authority. NGKA managed to build on the lead and slowly owned the round and the match. It was Sagar and Naveen who starred for the NGKA and helped them land the victory, through which they stand leveled with WAKA in the points tally, even though WAKA stood undefeated before their last match and NGKA were without victory but both stand equal, owning to the fact that anything can happen anytime in the K7 Qualifiers, and that is it from Day 2 and we will be looking forward to what unfolds the next day.