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NK Academy overcome Warriors Arena, it's a low scoring thriller!| | K7 Qualifiers Pool B

NK academy overcomes Warrior Arena
NK academy overcomes Warrior Arena

The 11th match of the K7 Qualifiers was a clash of the Titans as the two undefeated teams of the day were competing each other, with one team who will face its first loss and the other establishing their dominance. WAKA, who were coming of from a draw did not waste a second and took the star raider of NKA out of equation and announced themselves into the game. The two teams were pumped up and scoring against either was really difficult, which was well defined by the scoreboard. It was the first match of the tournament, where neither of teams could not manage to score 15 points in the first half of the match, but amidst all this tension in the middle, it was WAKA who managed to keep their nerves and took a lead in the round, a close bout reading at NKA on 12 points and WAKA at 14 of them.

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Second half was awaiting some surprises and it promised to be a thriller too. The round started with a series of empty raids, till WAKA managed to tackle the raid from NKA and got the first point of the second half of the match. The DOD raid of WAKA proved to be the game changer. In the do-or-die raid undertaken by Aakash, it was Manish who managed to tackle him all alone and for the first time in the match, the scorers signaled a tie. It was since then that the match started taking an intense level header for the sides until another great tackle by Vijay Kumar in a DOD Raid of WAKA helped the NKA people to prove their dominance in the match. Since then, NKA did not give any chance to WAKA to come up in the game and continued there dominance at K7 Qualifiers and there unbeaten run by winning the match 30-24. WAKA, a team which was undefeated so far, now has one draw, one victory and one loss from the three matches, whereas NK Academy had there unbeaten run maintained.