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And, there's nothing to choose - Neer Gulia Academy vs Warriors Arena! | K7 Qualifiers Pool B

It's a TIE!
It's a TIE!


The K7 Qualifiers, has promised to keep it's entertainment quotient high, and after eight matches, the ninth one records the first tied match of the tournament, and you could hardly differentiate between Neer Gulia and the WAKA, where WAKA still stands undefeated and Neer Gulia without a victory. NGKA after a poor show in the last match, was out of dominance for the whole of first half against WAKA, with the later continuing its dominant run with Karambir and Aakash putting up a wonderful show, with the first half ending with a score of NGKA with 16 points and WAKA with 23 points. 


Full Match Score | Live Video


It was the heroics of Sumit in the second half that turned the game back to evens. He started the bout with a multi point raid and continued scoring on every opportunity thrown at him, and made the most of which, so much so that NGKA took a lead over WAKA and were on a really comfortable position. It was only then, that Pawan and Karambir started of scoring for his team and trying to negate Sumit, but the battle was so competitive that the match found its right winner, it was the game that won as both sides played in a manner where you cannot mark anyone as a better team. Yes, both of them did trail in either of the halves, but the never say die attitude kept the game alive and well on its toe. Sumit without a doubt one the Player and the Raider of the Match but Aakash was rightly awarded the Defender of the Match, in a game where there was nothing to choose between the two teams.