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Warriors Arena has a cake-walk, Shahid Bhagat Singh Yuva Sports Club goes down on it's first match | K7 Qualifiers Pool B

Warriors Arena start off with a win in K7 Qualifiers 
Warriors Arena start off with a win in K7 Qualifiers 

The day 2 of the K7 Qualifiers undertook with a match between Warriors Arena Kabaddi Academy (WAKA) and Shahid Bhagat Singh Yuva Sports Club (SBSY) where the former emerged to be the victorious side. Karambir from WAKA and Ankit from SBSY started to trouble the scorers and the match was properly underway. The first half was well dominated by SBSY where WAKA strived hard to match them, but SBSY always got the better of them and didn't shy away from scoring. It was one of those rounds, where scoring single points was kind of neglected and the raiders had multi-point raid in their radar. The first half between WAKA and SBSY ended with a score line of 16-21 and an interesting second half was awaiting. 


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The match started pretty much in the tone that was set up in the first half, WAKA scoring and SBSY outscoring them, but things turned to its head when Ravish and Karambir locked horns. Karambir, managed to trap Ravish, after the later sneaked a bonus point and SBSY was all out and for the first time, WAKA had a lead in the match. The match was still on a tight composition until Karambir, yet again managed to flock of an all out raid and turn things completely in favor of WAKA and the team managed to clinch an easy victory with a score line of 43-36. Without any second guesses, it was Karambir who stole the show, and clinched the Player of the Match, Raider of the Match and also the Defender of the Match for his single handed shot to victory.