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Telugu Bulls register their second win of the tournament on the 5th day of Mysuru leg

In the first match of the evening Telugu Bulls register their 2nd win of the tournament, Bangalore Rhinos defeated Mumbai Che Raja, while Chennai Challenger beat Haryana Heroes

First game of 5th day of IIPKL Mysuru leg was action packed and a close game. Telugu Bulls came hungry for the win and played like champions. Telugu Bulls took control in the first quarter and scored 10 points against  6 points of Pondicherry Predators, and they continue the momentum and added another 11 points in the 2nd quarter to walk into the half time with 7 points lead, half time score being 21-14.

Pondicherry Vs. Telugu Bulls, IIPKL Mysuru leg

Pondicherry Predators made a comeback in the second half and the 3 and 4th quarters were not less than a thriller where Pondicherry Predators scored 13 points in the 3rd quarter against 9 points of Telugu Bulls and 8 points in the 4th quarter against 6 of Telugu Bulls. The game remained tight towards the end and with first half advantage Telugu Titans manage to secure their 2nd win of the tournament after 5 consecutive loss. R Suresh Kumar from Pondicherry Predators with 9 points was the raider of the match while G Jeeva with 6 tackle points was the player of the match.

In the second match of the evening between Bangalore Rhinos and Mumbai Che Raja, Rhinos dominated from the beginning and Vishal showed some brilliant moves. Bangalore Rhinos scored 19 points in the first half against 11 points of Mumbai Che Raja, Rhinos walked into the half time with 8 points advantage. 

Banagalore Rhinos Vs. Mumbai Che Raja  IIPKL Mysuru leg

Bangalore Rhinos continued the momentum in the second half and scored another 10 points in the third quarter. Mumbai Che Raja were struggling but were good in the 4th quarter and scored 12 points against 7 points of the Rhinos but at the end with 36-31 final score on the board, Bangalore Rhinos register their win against Mumbai Che Raja.

The 3rd match of the evening was another thriller of the evening between Haryana Heroes and Chennai Challengers. Haryana Heroes started well and scored 17 points in the first quarter against 10 points of Chennai Challengers. Sunil Kumar from Chennai Challengers came in time for the team and changed the game in the 2nd quarter, they scored 8 points against  6 points of Haryana Heroes. Haryana Heroes walked into the half time with 5 points lead, half time score being 23-18.

Chennai Challengers Vs. Haryana Heroes IIPKL Mysuru leg

Chennai Challengers came prepared in the second half and scored 26 points against 18 points by Heroes. Sunil Kumar of Chennai Challengers was the raider of the match with 16 points while Sagar Singh of Haryana Heroes also scored 13 points. At the end with 44-41 final score on the board, the Chennai Challengers won the match.